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About Us

Guangzhou Lunceg Trading Co., Ltd. is a supreme footwear designing company in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China that keeps comfort, quality and style at the same level of priority while producing every pair of shoes, sandals and slippers. Our array containing the best of Ladies Slide Flip Flop Slippers, Ladies Beach Wear Slippers, Kids PU Flip Flop Slippers, Ladies Casual Sandals is available in all standard sizes. Ladies footwear in stylish design and unique colors dominates our collection of footwear. We keep in focus the wants of modern women, who like to keep it comfortable and stylish at foot, by making use of comfortable materials and attractive accessories while producing footwear. As a manufacturer and exporter who cares about customers satisfaction and consistent growth in the industry, we have devoted to research, design, develop, produce and trade the best pair of footwear. We ensure honesty and sincerity in all business works and work to maintain an excellent corporate culture within the company. 

Our Goal

To design products that can actually meet the real needs of users and supply all products with consistency of prompt shipment. 

Our Focus Areas
  • To never overuse any resource, be it natural or man-made rather focus on using recycled products and benefit future generation by helping them not compromise their needs. 
  • To create for each customer great value for money return and benefit them by providing top-class products, reliable product information and great customer service.
  • To win trust of domestic and foreign buyers by indulging in innovation and setting price of each product very low so that buyers can afford our range. 
  • To become a loyal partner to each and every client in national and international markets by maintaining consistency in rendering complete customers satisfaction. 
Our People, Our Support

At Guangzhou Lunceg Trading Co., Ltd., we are proud of our smart employees, who take every business work sincerely and responsibly. Our dedicated experts are working on bettering customers buying experience by indulging in quality and fast production work of Kids Crocs, Ladies Flip Flop Slippers, Ladies Casual Sandals and more. Our designing, production, warehousing and delivery experts are quality-focused and devoted to applying 100% efforts in all works.